Lyrics From thetechnologylife GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS New Light Lyrics, singer by GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS

The sound of breathing, the silence intense
The hearts are pounding, endlessly here
The wind tumbling steadily, traded between us
It becomes a wild and powerful strength

New Light

You took my wind, and gave me your wind
It passes between us, invisible, pure
The patterns in motion, the birds in their forms
The horizon is only a point on the map

New Light

The holy head dressed with feathers, and howling
The mother protects the young, and the worn
The clouded dusk drops, the burning sun cracks
The natural world reinvents itself
And turning the wheel, the iron fears crying
The walls moan and sing as they shift in the wind
The night is a prayer that beckons the dawn
Hopeful and patient for new light to come

New Light



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